Sabrina offers ‘even-non-homework vacations’

Corona forced us to work at home. But what if you‘re tired of that while in a different setting you want to meet deadlines? You can book a hotel yourself, you can also have it done. For example, by travel counsellor Sabrina Schipper.

The workations are now an increasingly well-known term. Not at home from behind the desk, but at a different, mostly inspiring, location work out the project, meet deadlines and/or come up with new ideas.

Sabrina Schipper (41) of Travel Counsellors offers such arrangements. โ€œThe term workation is a combination of ‘work‘ and ‘vacation‘. A workation is therefore a combination of work and travel/leisure. Work and private life are increasingly mixed up, especially now with corona.โ€

Where that can be used to sunny places like Spain, because of the coronar restrictions now mainly the Netherlands: in the autumn/winter the forests of the East Netherlands are more in demand and in the spring/winter more people move to the water of the West Netherlands, she sees. โ€œInitially, my focus was on abroad. A different landscape, getting to know the norms and values of other cultures and customs and customs, not only makes you richer as a human being, but can also bring a lot of inspiration in the field of work and influence your views on certain things. But now that traveling abroad is not there, I started focusing more on the Netherlands, because in our country you will find beautiful, inspiring places and there are big differences between the regions. give a lot of new energy and contribute positively to your productivity and creativity.โ€

Skipper knows exactly what to look for to make the workation as successful as possible. โ€œFirst of all, I see if a place can compete with the home environment in terms of facilities. Think of good wifi, telephone area, good coffee/kitchenette, good beds. Next, I look for unique components: a special accommodation, an inspiring environment. That’s what makes the difference. For example, for the Netherlands we offer choices such as water, forest and city. If travel is allowed and can then I want to add mountains, beach and snow to it. I also check if a provider is reliable. I only work with stable parties from the travel world.โ€


And yes, of course you can also book a hotel yourself to escape from the home work situation. โ€œEveryone can book something themselves. On the Internet there is enough to find. But that is also a pitfall. There are so many parties that offer workations since corona. My added value is the personal service. Organizing a good workation takes quite a lot of time and it remains the question whether what you have booked matches what you are looking for. I take that preliminary work out of my hands. The entire workation is arranged from A to Z and you can continue to focus on your work. It‘s a total package: in addition to the workation providers, I also work with parties that offer excursions, the NS, airlines, I can arrange private transfers and you can also ask me for help and questions on the spot.โ€

What it yields? A fresh head, she knows by now. โ€œI think people are getting a little tired of working from home. If you spend the whole day between the kitchen table, the kitchen and the couch, and your social life is limited, you get into a kind of rut. Even with a busy family life, you have to make continuous choices to keep all the balls in the air. I can imagine that people are increasingly getting the need to ‘escape‘ for a number of days.โ€

Head empty

Actually, she herself is the best example of what such a workation can do. โ€œI have two young children who are often home because of corona. I am constantly building my work around family life and that gives unrest and sometimes stress. During a workation I don’t have to take anyone into account, I can determine my own daily schedule, I come across interesting people I would not have met otherwise, I eat what I like and fill out the breaks and time out of work with things that give me energy. And then when I come home, my head is empty and I‘m a nicer mom and partner.

Achieved goals, a fresh head, new inspiration: that’s what it brings. Of course it also costs a bit, but costs you incur for your business can in principle be deducted from the profit during the income tax return. The same applies to travel and accommodation costs for a business trip. According to the Tax Administration, in a workation you will have to deal with mixed costs, of which only the business part is tax-deductible, as long as the personal nature of the costs does not exceed 50%.