Safety Advisor Trump: ‘No doubt about professional transfer’

The National Security Advisor Robert OBrien promises a โ€œprofessionalโ€ transfer of power from the Trump administration to Joe Bidens team if it turns out that the latter has won the presidential election. According to him, it is clear โ€œthat it now looks like that.โ€

Once the profits of the two are confirmed, the National Security Council ensures a โ€œvery professional transfer, there is no doubt about that,โ€ says OBrien. According to him, Biden is setting up a professional security team.

President Donald Trump also insists on Monday that the elections were fraudulent and that he was the winner. The Public Service GSA has not yet recognised Bidens profits, which means that it does not receive funds and makes the transfer of power more difficult. According to media forecasts, Biden has won by far the necessary 270 electors.


OBrien said on a security forum that he had hoped for a new term of Trump, but he assured that he will cooperate with the new government. In his view, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will have the opportunity to work in and prepare their policies.