Safety counsel responds to call for more shelters

During the Security Council, Demissionary Minister for Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus asked the mayors to arrange 800 shelters for asylum seekers in the short term. The Security Council has agreed to cooperate on that, President Hubert Bruls told Nieuwsuur.

Grapperhaus made its call in the Security Council, where mayors from all security regions discuss. There is a need for places where they can stay longer. In particular, shelters for underage strangers who come to the Netherlands without a family are needed, says the minister.

Hubert Bruls is chairman of the Security Council and himself as mayor of Nijmegen responsible for the Gelderland-South Security Region. He tells Nieuwsuur that the deliberation has made an appointment to arrange those places.

โ€œWe had that conviction for a long time,โ€ says Bruls. โ€œI have also hosted thousands of people in tents in the forest near Heumensoord here in Nijmegen. And so there are more places. But it hasnt been enough.โ€ Bruls says the mayors have agreed that there should be at least 1,500 berths within three weeks.

โ€œInflux is unexpectedly higherโ€

He calls the situation in Ter Apel inhumane. โ€œIt should stop as soon as possible. I already know from the cabinet that two municipalities are being discussed this week to get 800 seats.โ€ What two places that are, Bruls doesnt want to say. โ€œThats up to the cabinet.โ€

According to Bruls, the realization of mayors is that now โ€œa little bit more needs to be done throughโ€. โ€œThe influx is unexpectedly much higher.โ€

Bruls has previously said he is catching people in the woods until January, โ€œand not a day longerโ€. He says he doesnt come back to that. โ€œThe task we have now is thousands of places for the next few days and weeks. Weve always said that if the need gets high, Nijmegen wont say no soon. But we also dont think it makes sense to recourse to a tent camp in the woods as winter arrives.โ€