Saif Qadhafi is not allowed to participate in presidential elections Libya

Saif Gaddafi will not be allowed to participate in next month‘s presidential elections in Libya. The second son of former dictator Muamar Gaddafi has been excluded by the electoral commission from participating due to previous convictions.

49-year-old Saif Gaddafi spent more than five years in prison for war crimes during the 2011 revolution against his father’s reign. In 2017, the Libyan government granted him amnesty. The International Criminal Court wants to prosecute him for crimes against humanity.

Gaddafi, who was seen as the main candidate to succeed his father until 2011, announced a week and a half ago that he is running for office. He can still object to the decision of the electoral commission in the coming days.

General and Interim Prime Minister

More controversial candidates are participating in the elections of 24 December. For example, General Haftar announced last week that he is making a throw at the presidency. For years, the warlord battled the government army with his army.

Last year, the parties came to a cease-fire and since then Libya has been split into two power blocks: the UNrecognized government and the area that holds Haftar. Haftar receives support from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, among others. The government has Turkey as its main ally.

Interim Prime Minister Dbeibah is also running for office. Among other things, he is accused of corruption. He would have come to his post due to bribery.