‘Sailing Girl’ Laura Dekker six months to the sea with seven teenagers

Ten years ago, Laura Dekker suddenly became world famous. She was 14 years old and was the youngest ever to make a sailing trip around the world on her own. Meanwhile she has grown up and goes sailing again for half a year. This time, she‘s taking seven teenagers.

In total, eleven people sail on the boat: Laura, her friend, their child, the seven teenagers and an extra crew member just to be safe. Before leaving, they were all tested for corona.

It’s a good time to do the trip now. Because of corona, many schools find it good for students to learn from a distance. This way they can also work at school while sailing.

South America

The boys and girls who come along are very looking forward to the trip. They sail from Harlingen to the Canary Islands, and then across the ocean to the South American coast. They hope to see many different beautiful things.