Sailor: ‘We have often offered help to Tom, this is sad. ‘

Team leader Merijn Zeeman of Jumbo-Visma calls the decision of cyclist Tom Dumoulin to take a break in his career an outcome of a longer trial.

According to the team leader, in the year and a half that the Dutch team collaborates with the Limburger, there has been a lot of talk about it and professional help has also been sought.

‘Speaking of’

โ€œThis is heavy news, we are going to miss a very good rider for the time beingโ€, says Zeeman in a video interview of the team. โ€œIn the end, man goes above the athlete. We have talked about it for a long time and many times and offered Tom help. Yet the same question continued to arise and he decided, in close consultation with us, to take a break in order to come to himself. We support him in that.โ€

On Saturday afternoon, Dumoulin announced surprisingly to take a break in his cycling career. The former winner of the Giro d‘Italia has left the training camp of Team Jumbo-Visma in Alicante, Spain to think about his cycling future at home.

The team leader says that from the beginning they started working with each other, these things have aroused. โ€œWe live in a competitive world and are constantly trying to get better. It’s important that we can basically enjoy what we‘re doing, enjoy training rides, set goals. When the pleasure flows out of there, the point is that you wonder if you still want it,โ€ says Zeeman. โ€œWe have involved professional help with Tom and we have worked very hard on it. In that process, the outcome may also be that he does not know if he still wants it.โ€

Impact for the team

For the team it certainly has sporting impact, says Zeeman. โ€œTom who feels happy and is good in his skin and wants nothing more than to be top athlete, is a great rider for Jumbo-Visma. But a Tom who doesn’t feel happy is automatically not good for the team either. We have a team of 27 riders, of which Tom is not a part. There are also men who see their chance and there are spots open in nice competitions.โ€

Sailor indicates that no end date has been set for Dumoulin‘s break. โ€œIn these types of trajectories you can’t name an end date. That date will come closer from day one. It is a natural process, and there should not be an end date on it. For now, it‘s about man Tom and he’s taking a break. How we‘re going to fill it out, we’ll start working on it later.โ€