Saints Row authors talk about new Saints, customization and co-op

Studio Volition continues to talk about the relaunch of Saints Row, which they want to make the very best Saints Row in the series. And in his fresh diary he touched on various aspects of the future project. In particular, we introduced new Saints, characters from the relaunch.

They are just starting their criminal careers, disillusioned with the American Dream, and are going to start their own gang and get rich. And along the way, they will learn more about the dark side of Santo Ileso.

There will be four characters: the gorgeous driver Nina, the DJ with a lot of acquaintances Kevin, the brain of the future criminal empire Eli and The Boss, our alter ego and the killing machine. A deep customization system will help make the Boss the way you want.

The character editor should be the best in the entire history of the series. Our hero can choose a voice from eight choices โ€” four male and four female.

Layers are returned to the clothes, and there will be a lot of handmade cars in the garage. The relaunch of Saints Row should be in every way consistent with the original game with signature humor.

However, changes are imminent, the project will feature a lot of references, Easter eggs and cameos. The developers announced that the game will feature cross-platform seamless co-op.

You will be able to complete the entire story campaign together with a friend. But the details will tell us with time.

The relaunch of Saints Row comes out on February 25, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. More on Gamermania TinyBuild Releases Riga Developers SpiderHeck Co-op Adventure Puzzle 13:Origin Send on Kickstarter Horrifying Adventure Dap is out 29 Sept.