Sales of VR devices in 2020 could reach 6.4 million pieces

According to analytics firm Omdia, 6. 4 million VR devices will be sold in 2020, and the volume of the content market for VR will reach $1. 1 billion, which together with the sale of iron will be 3.

2 billion. Apparently, the marked growth of the market this year was due to pandemic and quarantine, among other things.

On the other hand, due to the difficulties of production and launch of new generation consoles, this increase in performance was limited. In addition, by the end of the year VR will be in the homes of only 1.

2% of 32 players countries. But this figure in five years will rise to the level of 3%.

Also in 2025, the total revenue from sales of VR devices and software will be $10 billion, while content revenue will be equal to 4 billion (of which 90% is profit from games). More on Gambling for Xbox Series released the first major update with innovations – most importantly PlayStation 5 appeared โ€œActivityโ€ so that people do not throw the passage games Xbox head applauds creators of DualSense, PS5 gamepad.