Salvini not prosecuted for stopping ship with migrants

Italian former minister Matteo Salvini is not prosecuted for stopping a ship with 131 migrants in the summer of 2019. Lega‘s right-wing populist party leader was charged with deprivation of liberty, but according to the Catania court, Salvini cannot stand for this facts are being prosecuted.

Prior to the meeting in the bunker of the Bicococus prison in Sicily, Salvini already said that he would be acquitted: โ€œI expect justice with a capital letter G.โ€

The prosecutor had also asked in advance to stop the trial because international law would not have been violated. The judgment of the judge therefore does not come as a surprise.

Other case still running

That doesn’t mean Salvini‘s out of trial. There is another case against him for blocking another migrant ship in the summer of 2019, causing 149 people to be stuck at sea for a week.

In that case, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, there are sufficient legal grounds to prosecute the Leader of Law. According to the prosecutors, the minister acted on his own, independent of parliament. In September, he must defend himself against the Palermo court. He risks imprisonment and could lose his job as a politician.


Currently, 48-year-old Salvini is in the Italian Senate. Last summer, the way was paved for Salvini‘s persecution by lifting the immunity from persecution he enjoys as a politician.

His Lega has been the second party of the country since the 2018 parliamentary elections, but in the polls they have been leading for quite some time. After several government crises, Salvini’s party is part of a government of national unity led by former top banker Mario Draghi.