Samantha de Jong hospitalized for childbirth

Finally the moment is there for Samantha de Jong: the reality star was admitted to the hospital on Sunday to give birth. In April, De Jong and her friend Gerrit Meerts announced that they were expecting.

โ€œ The countdown has begun, I am now officially hospitalized. Find it all so exciting,โ€ she writes under a video of her in the hospital. โ€œIts wonderful to be able to hold a little one in your arms again.โ€ The little boy is brought into the world by caesarean section.

On Sunday morning, she already told me she was very nervous. โ€œThe nerves pass through my body. Today is the day that I am admitted to the hospital and I can start handing a little miracle in my arms tomorrow morning.โ€ She writes to be proud of everything she has achieved and has had a lot of support from her fiancรฉ. โ€œI am so glad that after so many years we have found each other again. Despite everything we have experienced together, we are still positive in life and it has only made us stronger. Together we can do anything.โ€

When she had a car accident at the end of April, it became clear at the hospital that Barbie had been expecting eight weeks. De Jong already has two children from her previous relationship with her ex Michael van der Plas. Angelina Melissa Cora of 7 and son Milano Michael Ronnie of 5.