Samira Sitaïl joins one of Europes largest communication groups

Samira Sitaïl, former information boss of the 2M channel, has joined as senior advisor one of the most important communication groups in Europe, Marco de Comunicación (MoC).

When she left her position as Director of Information at 2M in January 2020 and that of Deputy Director-General of the SOREAD 2M Group, persistent rumors gave her to prestigious diplomatic posts. But it is elsewhere that this woman of networks with charismatic personality bounced back.

Since 1 October, Samira Sitaïl is now part of the staff of one of the largest European companies operating in the field of communication and e-reputation, as well as strategic advice, risk management and public relations, for both public and private operators.

While pursuing a Master2 in institutions and risk management at CELSA in Paris, Samira Sitaïl advises Marco de Comunicación (MoC), which has 11 international offices, notably in the United States in Miami, Latin America (Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico), Brussels and South Africa, and is preparing to open an office on 22 November in Warsaw in Poland.

MoC, headquartered in Madrid, also has important contracts with various European bodies.

As for Morocco, the Spanish agency worked with AMDIE, as well as on the establishment of the Canadian bomber in Morocco or the international communication component of COP22, held in Marrakech in November 2016.

For its development, Marco de Comunicación relies on sharp profiles such as that of Samira Sitaïl, former head of COP22s communications cluster, including the extensive network in France, Belgium, Great Britain and Africa for having been the co-founder of the network of African women journalists, Les Panafricaines, will constitute certainly an important asset for the expansion of the activities of the Spanish group.