Samsung releases top models Galaxy S21 smartphone

Electronics company Samsung has introduced its latest top models of smartphone, the Galaxy S21. From the phone, which will be available in the Netherlands from 29 January, three variants will be released.

Furthermore, Samsung also comes with new wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling, which allows the outside world to be largely closed outside, and a smart tracker. These SmartTags can be hung on items such as a bag, a keychain or a dog collar that can be found online if you lose them.

The Galaxy S21 comes in three variants: the standard S21, the larger S21+ and the even larger S21 Ultra. Compared to the predecessors S20 and S20+, the S21 and S21+ no longer have a screen that bends over the sides. Instead, a flat screen has been chosen, which also has a lower resolution than last year‘s models. On the other hand, the aircraft have become cheaper. There is also a faster chip in this year’s devices and the S21+ has also received a larger battery.

The S21 and S21+ have three cameras, the S21 Ultra has received an additional camera, with 10 times optical zoom. In addition, the cameras work with artificial intelligence (ai) so that even better photos roll out, for example in poor light. There are also more options to edit the photos.

The absolute top model has no points on which it has deteriorated compared to its predecessor. The Ultra can be operated further with Samsungs S Pen, the stylus that previously only worked with the Galaxy Note models.

Samsung no longer supplies an adapter with the latest devices, but only a charging cable. When Apple announced the same iPhone 12 months ago, Samsung was making fun of its US competitor on social media.