Sánchez introduces himself to Ajax: “In Mexico they call me a warrior”

Jorge Sánchez cant wait to get started at Ajax. The 24-year-old Mexican is clear about what he can add to trainer Alfred Schreuders selection: fighting spirit.
It has always been my dream to play in Europe, Sánchez starts talking to Ajax TV. I once read a book about Johan Cruijff. For me, thats something that left a mark on me, something you dont expect. You read a book like that when you were a kid and now its reality. This is really a dream come true. I am very happy to be at Ajax now, a big club. Im here to do my part and win prizes.

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— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) August 10, 2022

Sánchez is clear about what he can add to trainer Alfred Schreuders team. Im a football player with a lot of fighting spirit, I fight for every ball, says the 21-time international. In Mexico, they call me a warrior and thats how I consider myself. I even got a tattoo of it that I like. If Im let go on the field, I even throw my head into a duel if I need to. I love it and try to convey that mentality to teammates.
With this, the full-back must provide the necessary grinta after the departure of Lisandro Martínez and Nicolás Tagliafico. Together with Edson Álvarez, he wants to lead the way in the battle at Ajax. Thats what Mexicans always do. Always head up and chest forward. When we stand behind, we stand side by side and always cheer each other up. You have to give your life to achieve your goals.
By the way, Sánchez and Álvarez are close friends. The two broke through together at Club América. He has always played a very important role in my life. Partly thanks to him, I am now here, because he has allowed me to grow both inside and outside the field, says the right back.