Sander Schimmelpenninck quits Op1, ‘never felt 100 percent my role’

Sander Schimmelpenninck stops as presenter of talk program Op1. He announced this in his podcast Zelfspodcast.

Schimmelpenninck already thought it was a complicated decision when he was asked for the program, he says on the website of broadcaster WNL. “I already have so many other things, have let myself be fucked. It was meant as an experiment for three months”, he says.

“It went on and on through corona, while my doubts remained. It never felt 100 percent like my role. My role as a presenter was sometimes quite limited,” says Schimmelpenninck. “It’s a little yes-kinking, empathetic participation and autocue reading.”

The editor-in-chief of business magazine Quote missed the freedom. “I have a Volkskrant column where I can say what I want. I have Quote, which is fantastic. I just like to make things more fun and have freedom in it.”

Schimmelpenninck formed a duo with Welmoed Sijtsma since the start of Op1 in January. According to RTL Boulevard he will be replaced by Jort Kelder. WNL editor in chief Bert Huisjes does not want to confirm this and says that the successor will be announced tomorrow, at the season’s presentation of the public broadcaster.