Sanna Elkadiri gets the first vaccine: ‘Find things around it more exciting. ‘

Sanna Elkadiri will be the first to be vaccinated tomorrow in the Netherlands against covid-19. โ€œWhen I was approached on Saturday, I had to think for a while,โ€ she says in an interview with DeccEit. โ€œIn the end, I do it mainly for myself, but also for the message outwardly: get vaccinated so that we can return to a normal society.โ€

Elkadiri is healthcare worker of Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen (ZGEM) in Boxtel. Tomorrow she gets the shot in Veghel, along with a number of colleagues.

In the video she explains why she gets vaccinated:

โ€œ I work in a department with dementia clients,โ€ says Elkadiri. โ€œTheres a normal thing to hug, or you get a kiss. Those people need the security, and thats no longer possible.โ€ She hopes that the vaccine will provide a solution to this in the long run.

And someone has to be the first, argues Elkadiri. โ€œI dont think the vaccination is scary, I find the things around it more exciting.โ€ Because she realizes that all eyes will be on her in the morning.

Pfizer vaccine

Elkadiri and the other first get the vaccine from Pfizer and BionTech. It is administered by GGD Hart for Brabant. Inculation also begins in the regions of Rotterdam and Utrecht. In this article read when which region is in turn.

In addition to nursing staff, hospital staff in acute care will be vaccinated from tomorrow. Specifically, these include intensive care staff, emergency care and Coronapatis nursing departments. Employees in disabled care and home care are also at the forefront of the vaccine.

Below you will find an overview of whos next:

The vaccination strategy has been adjusted several times over the past period. Todays debate in the House of Representatives sounded strong criticism of the governments policy. Both Minister De Jonge van Health and Prime Minister Rutte have acknowledged that mistakes have been made.