Saturday Cinema Hall: Fallout 4 with super-graphics in 4K on RTX 3090

We have repeatedly shown what heights of graphics manage to achieve happy owners of RTX 3090 graphics cards in Grand Theft Auto V – if it is supplemented by a frame of graphic modifications and improvements. And now its time for Fallout 4, which, it turns out, is also able to surprise. The host of the YouTube-channel Digital Dreams recorded the gameplay Fallout 4 in 4K resolution.

And to make the game look better, used a selection of modifications collected by BiraitBec: it includes almost two hundred mods, improving graphics and gameplay. It seemed little, and Digital Dreams added three dozen more modifications of his own choice.

In particular, he used packs of improved textures, recycled clouds and roads, enriched flora and improved lighting. The result turned out impressive though in high thick grass as it turned out to be easy to hide enemies and mines, and dark nights and in dark rooms and see nothing at all.

But some shots cause a desire to pass Fallout 4 again – now based on the best achievements of modobuilders. More on CCeit Natural Instincts goes into early access July 1 Adventure-Coloring Chicory: A Colorful Tale is released June 10 Rumor: Legendary Ken and Roberta Williams are working on a new game.