Saudi Arabia rejects US conclusion in Khashoggi murder case

Saudi Arabia has rejected the findings of the Americans on the murder of the critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that the authorities believe that this was a horrible crime committed by a group that violated all the legal rules.

The conclusion in the report that the case is related to leadership in the Saudi kingdom is negative, wrong and unacceptable. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has not approved the operation.โ€

Riyadh insists that a bunch of criminals have acted in a personal capacity against all strict regulations. They have been found guilty and sentenced to years of prison sentences. The family of Khashoggi welcomed the judgments of the judge at the time.

The government once again said that it had done everything it could to investigate the matter properly and to allow justice to prevail. Therefore, measures against the leadership, sovereignty and independence of the justice system rejects Saudi Arabia.