Savrasca became the heroine of the music video dedicated to Burning Crusade Classic

Blizzard to the rapid release of the Burning Crusade Classic supplement to the vanilla version of World of Warcraft has released a new music video. And as in the video โ€œToastโ€, dedicated to the launch of WoW Classic and the fifteenth anniversary of World of Warcraft, all the roles in it were played by representatives of the community. The song was performed by actor and singer Jordan Fisher, star of the Broadway musical โ€œHamiltonโ€.

In the frame, World of Warcraft leading producer Holly Longdale, executive producer John Hite, MMA judge Mark Beltran and even actor Ron Pearlman. In addition, attentive viewers will find a number of reference to the game itself: Return stone, Thrall hammer, Dark portal, finally, the horse Savrasca, which we meet in one form or another in many add-ons.

Burning Crusade Classic, recall, comes out 2 June. And players who have had time to forget what awaits them and what is happening in the world of World of Warcraft can refresh their memory with the help of the large-scale material โ€œBurning Crusade Classic: Backstoryโ€.

It tells of drenees, Illidan, elves of blood and others involved in events in the Outland. More on CCeit Umer Benoit Sokal – author of the series of games Syberia Shiva will replenish the Streets of Rage 4 roster in addition Mr.

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