SBS6 answers questions about coronavaccins in new program

SBS6 comes up with a new and one-time program on coronavaccins. The Biggest Coronas Pure โ€” Vaccine Questions on Sunday 31 January allow viewers to ask questions about the vaccination process. The program is a collaboration with the College for Evaluation of Medicines (CBG) and Merel Westrik will take on the presentation of the evening.

At Westrik there are several experts, such as IC-Arts and Professor Diederik Gommers, Professor of Immunology Marjolein van Egmond and Chairman of the CBG, Ton de Boer. Viewers can use #coronaspreekuur to answer all sorts of questions about the vaccines. During the live broadcast, Westrik submits the questions to the panel of experts.

โ€œ We have been busy assessing the efficacy, safety and quality of the coronavaccines for months. The fact that we have already been able to approve the first vaccines is very good news,โ€ says De Boer about the programme. โ€œBut I understand very well that there are people who have questions and we would like to answer them.โ€