Scandal of nothing: no, Days Gone on PC has no keylogger and the like

Recently, a scandal broke out with the computer version of Days Gone because of the recall of a Steam user who claimed a large-scale collection of player data – including recording all the clicks on input devices, and also audio, video, files and even passwords. Some media hastened to report it, but personally did not check the information in the user agreement – and for nothing. As the user claimed, it was just reported in the contract, but the subsequent verification denied the presence of such points.

In the feedback of the user, who managed to score more than 4 thousand likes and many community rewards, it was noted – such protection is implemented against the use of cheats. This is allegedly also stated in the agreement.

As the checks showed, Days Gone only collects data inside the game โ€” the game really tracks actions, but only inside the app. For example, how a character moves.

This is standard practice for most games. It is not possible to completely disable data collection, but you can enable limited collection if desired.

The beginning of the infamous recall โ€” as yet unknown, the user really didnt understand the information correctly or it was an attempt at trolling. But he certainly received attention.

Days Gone came out on May 18 on PC and showed a modest start on Steam โ€” the peak online shows almost 22 thousand people. Horizon Zero Dawn had about 56,000 people on its way out.

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