Scandalous Six Days in Fallujah postponed to the end of 2022

The authors of the acclaimed Six Days in Fallujah decided to postpone the release of the project until the end of 2022. Peter Tamte, General Director of Victoria Publishing House, said that in order to create the project more people, money and time are needed. Work is already underway to increase the development team together.

In addition, the authors shared the news that the game will be โ€œatypical for 3D shootersโ€ global dynamic lighting โ€” across all announced platforms. Six Days in Fallujah promises to give players a โ€œdeeper understanding of urban warfare through stories and the struggle of both military personnel and civiliansโ€.

In other words, it must be a real look at the war. Recall that Konami was originally the publisher of Six Days in Fallujah, but later she canceled the project due to criticism of the the British military and non-core media.

The development of the game was revived only this year. Not so long ago it was reported that Sony Santa Monica was taking on the project, but they also had to abandon it.

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