Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for streams Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson sues film studio Disney because her film Black Widow is already streaming while hes still in the cinema. Because the actress shares in the cinema yield, she misses money. She wants the judge to award her damages to be determined.

Due to the corona pandemic, Black Widow not only premiered at the cinema early this month, the Marvel movie was also on display at Disney+ streaming service for an additional fee. Such a hybrid strategy has long been taboo due to pressure from cinemas, but due to changing viewing behaviour, movie studios are now choosing that option. Johanssons charges are closely monitored in Hollywood.

The film, whose premiere had been postponed for a year due to the pandemic, earned Disney more than 130 million euros worldwide in the first week by cinema visit. In addition, another 50 million euros came from Disney+ home viewers.

Worse recipe

Johansson argues that she loses money because her salary for the film depends partly on the cinema rette. In addition, she believes that the film increases interest in the streaming platform, without any additional compensation for Disney. In addition, streaming makes it easier to make high quality illegal copies, reducing even more revenue.

That last point is endorsed by an emergency cry from the US National Cinemas Association. In an unprecedented criticism, that organization argued that the film performed significantly worse in the cinema in the second week than expected.

Disney rejects Johanssons complaints and commits to the contract with the movie star. In a statement, the company calls the charges โ€œsad and distressing because of the heartless neglect of the tragic and persistent global effects of covidโ€.