Scavengers writers will bring together 5000 players and see what turns out

Midwinter studio announced a special game event, which will be held today in the strategic team shooter Scavengers. Specially for various tests, developers built a special ScavLab platform within the battle royal, and the next test will be at capacity. At 21:00 Moscow time, everyone is invited Join the game: developers will try to collect 5,000 players in one common space.

This is not the first such attempt. In April, developers managed to attract more than 1800 players to the test, and everything went pretty smoothly.

The event will last about 30-40 minutes. To make players not get bored, they will hold mini-tournaments, arrange a large-scale brawl, and at the same time they will be able to communicate with the head and founder of Midwinter Josh Holmes.

Scavengers is available for free on Steam and Epic Games Store. The game is in early access and is receiving mixed reviews for now.

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