Schiphol wants passengers to wear a mouth shield everywhere

As of today, Schiphol asks travellers to wear a mouth shield in all areas of the airport. So far, face covering is only compulsory at check-in desks, security, passport control and on piers, but the airport wants everyone to cover their mouths from arrival to departure, such as at the shops and around the train station.

It is a “very urgent request”, but not an obligation. That should be determined by the government. “We’ve asked the Cabinet to introduce the general obligation”, a spokesman says.

With this, Schiphol says it wants to follow the guidelines of the European Aviation Authority EASA and the ECDC, the European equivalent of the RIVM. A general mouth-covering obligation should also provide more clarity for passengers.

In addition, Schiphol maintains the existing coronavirus measures, such as mudguards and a broadcast message that informs passengers that they must keep a sufficient distance. Markings for walking directions have also been placed on all floors. Passengers coming from orange areas can have themselves tested in a special test lane.

The oral cap obligation also applies in the aircraft, but airlines themselves are responsible for enforcing it. Children up to the age of 12 do not have to cover their mouths.