Schmidt disagrees with Ihattaren-praise: ‘In my opinion, not the best player’

Mohamed Ihattaren was a positive exception for PSV in the lost cup match against Ajax (2-1), the connoisseurs concluded afterwards. But Roger Schmidt is not so impressed with his player.

โ€œIn my opinion, he was not the best playerโ€, Schmidt responds in front of ESPN‘s camera. The German trainer’s choice to change Ihattaren ten minutes before time met with the necessary resistance on social media and from the analysts in the ESPN studio, but Schmidt thinks differently. โ€œHe was okay.โ€

It‘s really starting to be a fetish: changing your best players over and over again.
โ€” Sjoerd Mossou (@sjoerdmossou) February 10, 2021

โ€œUltimately, you have to create moments in the opponent’s penalty area and win duels in the red zone. That‘s what I expect from players in that position. We were unable to create enough of such moments. Too many players weren’t at their best and then you can‘t win Ajax.โ€
โ€œIt was okayโ€, concludes Schmidt about the game of Ihattaren. โ€œNot bad, but not too: wow, what a contest. But that’
s my opinion.โ€