‘Schmidt finally sees Vollgas-Fussball, only a pity Ajax is doing it… ‘

As similar as it was in the competition, so unilaterally it is now in the KNVB Cup. Ajax doesnt have much to worry about PSV at home and is after less than half an hour on a comfortable 2-0 lead. On social media they are also surprised at the difference in power between the numbers one and two of the Netherlands, especially in civil society.

Sรฉbastien Haller made the difference for Ajax in the first half. After twenty minutes, the much-discussed French striker signed for the 1-0 and not long afterwards made it 2-0.

In honor of Onana, Ajax is trying to win 24-0 tonight? #ajapsv
โ€” Jeroen Grueter (@Jeroen_Grueter) February 10, 2021

Have the idea that all players of ajax got a pill of #Onana for the match #ajapsv #wewordenoverlopen
โ€” Twan Derikx (@Twanderikx) February 10, 2021

After half a year of hard training, changes, stamping everything into it, Roger Schmidt finally sees his beloved #VolgasFussbalHet is a pity for him that it is only the opponent who does the performance… #ajapsv
โ€” LangeToepie (@LangeToepie) February 10, 2021

Funny thing they didnt enclose that Haller for the Europa League #ajapsv
โ€” Jaap van de Venis (@Co_Efficientjes) February 10, 2021

Great spike goal from Haller. Hes going to do well in Europ… Oh, no. #ajapsv
โ€” Bart van Merwijk (@bartvanmerwijk_) February 10, 2021

Pressure of #Ajax was out of AZ already very strong, but in the early stages against PSV a level higher. They dont get a second of breathing space, an advantage of setting up pit with Timber, Alvarez and Martinez. #ajapsv
โ€” Bram van der Ploeg (@BvdPloegg) February 10, 2021

Pretty dramatic first half of PSV. But really, really. Still make an exception for Mohamed Ihattaren, who after the 2-0 tries to take PSV a little in tow.
โ€” Rik Elfrink (@RikElfrink) February 10, 2021

Still nice if you have 2 controllers on the middle field who can sink around and out and also on different sides. Makes the build-up dynamic. In defending, they are accustomed to first hold the ashes closed and from there to press. Blind and Alvarez. #ajapsv
โ€” Maduro Hedwiges (@madurohedwiges) February 10, 2021

The difference between Ajax and PSV is clearly the midfield. Sangarรฉ and Rosario are fine ball takers, but playing football is too shabby. #KNVBbeker
โ€” Julian Atema (@Atema97) February 10, 2021

Ajax plays as Roger Schmidt plays with PSV in his dreams, pure pressure #ajapsv
โ€” Bram Sniekers (@BSniekers) February 10, 2021

Its nice that Ajax with the South Americans in the base is so good. Or PSV so bad of course. #ajapsv
โ€” Wierd Duk (@wierdduk) February 10, 2021

A long time ago that #Ajax had it so easy against #PSV #ajapsv. https://t.co/9IVN7GjS8b
โ€” Jeroen van Gerven (@jeroenvangerven) February 10, 2021

May I experience the day when the Latinos of Ajax make the lives of PSV people sour
โ€” DuBlanqeBogarde (@DuBlanqeBogarde) February 10, 2021

PSV may make Ajax a bit more difficult. For the neutral supporter it is not exactly an attractive competition #ajapsv
โ€” Sander van Gool (@SandervGool) February 10, 2021

As a supporter of psv it is hard to look at this but unfortunately Ajax is in everything better boys versus men very bad
โ€” Ronald van den Broek (@Robro141267) February 10, 2021

Ajax is so terribly eager, so tormented, they just eat up those PSV players for dinner. #ajapsv Hope they can hold that second half.
โ€” Stephan Fellinger (@Fellinger) February 10, 2021