Schmidt full of praise: He doesnt always start and still is an example for everyone

Bruma had a great share in PSV‘s 2-0 victory on Vitesse with a beautiful volley. The Portuguese forward thanks trainer Roger Schmidt for his revival in Eindhoven.
Bruma seemed to be heading to the exit last summer, but a deal with Besiktas, among other things, chunched off. โ€œOur trainer has given me the confidence to go here for my chance,โ€ says the 27-year-old outsider to the Eindhovens Dagblad. โ€œTo be honest, I didn’
t expect to be able to play such a role at PSV anymore. However, I have always continued to work hard and feel happy at the club. Because of this coach, I was able to bring out the best in myself again and that is also a surprise to myself.โ€
With five goals, Bruma is even the top scorer of PSV in the Premier League. That while he is usually not in the base and only played five hundred minutes. โ€œThat‘s why it’s beautiful what he does,โ€ says Schmidt. โ€œBruma is not always a player that starts and still an example for everyone. This is a player who understands how professional football works and an optimistic person. He is always positive in training and competitions and ready to fill in if the match calls for it. I am satisfied with him and today (Saturday, ed.) he also made a great goal.โ€