Schmidt gets questions about reserve Ihattaren: ‘Not something special’

PSV started the season with a sounding 5-1 win on Galatasaray, but Mohamed Ihattaren couldnt share in the revelry. Nineteen-year-old Utrecht stayed on the couch for ninety minutes: trainer Roger Schmidt told us why afterwards.
The relationship between Schmidt and Ihattaren has long been the subject of conversation. In conversation with RTL7, the trainer stresses that Ihattaren doesn
t have a separate status. “For Mo, its the same as all other players on the couch. There were a lot of players who didnt take action,” says Schmidt, who raided Davy Pröpper, Cody Gakpo, Ryan Thomas and Pablo Rosario. “I had to make a choice for the basic elf: I did. And then I had to choose my bills during the match: the four players that got in were the players I needed at the time.”
Schmidt announced earlier this week that Ihattaren is playing as soon as he deserves it, like all the other players in his selection. “Hes not something special in the sense that he deserves something special compared to all other players,” says the trainer. “The club raises the bar and I have to lead the club and all players as best as possible. And Mo Ihattaren is an important player for us, hes a good guy. I hope he develops as well as possible and if hes better than the other players, he will play. And that goes for all other players as well.”