Schmidt hints at a longer stay at PSV: ‘This is not the end ‘

It doesn‘t seem like Roger Schmidt will be leaving PSV this summer. In a big interview with ESPN, the German trainer indicates that it does not feel like his period in Eindhoven will soon come to an end.
s contract with PSV will run until next summer and there is no clarity about any contract extension. Of course, the trainer also gets a question about that. โ€œThat‘s still completely open,โ€ he says to ESPN reporter Milan van Dongen. โ€œI honestly haven’t thought about that very much yet.โ€
In the decision he makes, his family will also have an important voice. Still, it seems that Schmidt would like to stay. โ€œThis is not the end,โ€ he speaks clear language. โ€œNot yet. It‘ll be done one day, but my gut says this isn’t the end yet.โ€
After eighteen games, the German practice master is at the top of the Premier League with PSV. The lead over Ajax, which is second, is one point. The Eindhoven people are still in the cup and will play in February in the Conference League interim round against Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv.