Schmidt praise after ample PSV win: ‘Is very good changeover for us’

PSV trainer Roger Schmidt raises the praise over Joรซl Drommel after the victory over Sturm Graz. The 24-year-old goalkeeper went a big mistake against William II last weekend, but made a number of important saves in Austria. Yorbe Vertessen can also count on beautiful words, while Schmidt is not happy with the red card of Ibrahim Sangarรฉ.
In the second half, PSV had the same difficulty against Sturm Graz, but Drommel kept the Eindhoven people on their feet with good interventions. โ€œSaturday, of course, he was greatly disappointed after his mistakeโ€, Schmidt wrote down by the Eindhovens Dagblad afterwards. โ€œNow hes back there and as a team you need a goalkeeper at the right times.โ€
Schmidt is banging from the red card of Sangarรฉ. โ€œI think it is a shame that we lose Ibrahim Sangarรฉ in the final phase due to a second yellow card,โ€ says the German. โ€œWith the second yellow card, I thought it wasn
t a big deal. If you want to give it, its only yes. At the first yellow card, he should have behaved better himself and lost control. For us, its a shame that hes not there against AS Monaco.โ€
Finally, Schmidt has nice words for substitute and goalscorer Vertessen. โ€œHe has played in the base a number of times and went through a tremendous development now that he is physically stable. After two years of injury, he has now been fit and a very good changeover for us in the last few weeks, with the potential to start. He has a lot of competition in this position because we have the necessary alternatives.โ€