Schmidt questions objectivity Nijhuis: ‘He is not professional’

PSV trainer Roger Schmidt accuses Bas Nijhuis of having deliberately whistled to the disadvantage of his team. According to him, the referee would have admitted that at the end of the battle between Sparta and PSV (3-5), pointing to a previous incident between the two after the match against Vitesse.

โ€œ This is really complete nonsense,โ€ Nijhuis responded.

Although both kemphans were still in front of the camera of DeccEit, at ESPN they got away from them. In particular, Schmidt didnt turn his heart into a murder pit there.

โ€œ Not to me, but he said it,โ€ said the German trainer firmly. And at the press conference Schmidt added another step: โ€œI never have to talk to him again, never again in my life.โ€

How hard is the KNVB taking on?

There is a good chance that Schmidts statements will still have a tail, since the KNVB often takes accusations against the arbitration.

The quarreling during Sparta-PSV arose in the first half, in which Schmidt repeatedly indicated that there should be a little tighter whistling in order to protect the players. He had to pay for those persistent remarks to the fourth official with a yellow card. Schmidts annoyance only increased when Cody Gakpo had to leave for rest with an injury after a tapping on the ankle.

Earlier this season, after the lost duel with Vitesse, Schmidt also complained about Nijhuis. In that match, a penalty awarded to PSV was revoked by the referee after watching the video footage. Nadiopen Nijhuis also whistled Schmidts team again in Heerenveen, where the two treated each other respectfully according to the arbitrator.

โ€œHe has to be honest.โ€

โ€œ When trainers do their job and I do mine, it gets a lot easierโ€, Nijhuis took Saturday night to Schmidt.

โ€œ The referee is there to protect the players, he must be honest,โ€ says Schmidt, who openly questioned the objectivity of Nijhuis. โ€œIts the second time Ive felt that way. Im not happy about that. He did it on purpose.โ€

โ€œ He is not professionally engaged in his work,โ€ continued Schmidt. โ€œFor me, this is one hundred percent unprofessional.โ€

Never talk to Nijhuis again

Schmidt never wants to talk to Nijhuis again. โ€œIt has become absolutely clear to me that we do not fit together.โ€

โ€œ So,โ€ Nijhuis responded. โ€œCan you see what trainers make of it?โ€