Schmidt speaks of defeat PSV and Baumgartl: ‘He was nervous’

Roger Schmidt is not happy with the defeat against Olympiakos, but sees enough opportunities for PSV next week. The Eindhovenaren have to make up for a 4-2 backlog in their own house.

โ€œAm I disappointed? Yes, of course. If you meet four goals, youre disappointed,โ€ says Schmidt to ESPN. โ€œI dont think we played badly, but we made too many defensive mistakes. But everything is still possible. We will have to improve quickly and show that we can play tactically better than today. If we meet four more goals next week, we cant go through. But we have also shown that we can adapt quickly.โ€
It went wrong when Olivier Boscagli fell out and his replacement Timo Baumgartl blundered. โ€œOlivier is an important player for us. If such a player fails, a problem arises. Timo had to play left in the defense, he
s not used to that. But he can play better. He was a little nervous and had lesser moments. He knows that, too. But its up to the team to patch him up again.โ€
Schmidt thinks the battle hasn
t been fought for PSV yet. โ€œIts not easy, but its possible.โ€

รรฟยช PSV trainer Roger Schmidt is disappointed by the four goals, but still has confidence in the return. #UEL #OLYPSV โ€œNow we need to make up 4-2, I think anything is still possible.โ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 18, 2021