“Schmidt submits request to Benfica and wants to bring PSV-known Götze with him”

Roger Schmidt is going to make an attempt to take Mario Götze to Benfica. This is reported by the Portuguese sports newspaper A Bola. The close bond between the two would make a switch possible.
It is known that Götze came to PSV because Schmidt was a trainer and now that the German leaves Eindhoven after this season, it is still questionable whether the 2014 world champion can still be admired at the Philips Stadium next year. A Bola thinks he knows that Schmidt likes Götze to move to Portugal.
The German will be the trainer of O Glorioso next season, although he does not want to confirm that himself, and would love to take his eyeball with him. The Portuguese sports newspaper does know that it will be quite a challenge for Benfica to get Götze, since he still has a two-season contract with PSV and takes up a hefty salary.
However, due to the good relationship between Schmidt and Götze, Benfica would be confident that the obstacles can be overcome. The Portuguese club leadership is said to be considering the suggestion of their new trainer at the moment.