Schmidt takes out to Nijhuis

PSV trainer Roger Schmidt has been severed at arbitrator Bas Nijhuis after the away match against Sparta. The 53-year-old German got it verbally with Nijhuis during the match and then went to the leader from Enschede.

The two were at the end of October after Vitesse-PSV — Nijhuis then awarded a penalty to PSV just before time, but retracted it on the recommendation of the VAR — already collided with each other. Saturday they met again at Het Kasteel: Schmidt commented on the arbitration from the side and Nijhuis gave the PSV trainer a final warning.
Afterwards, Schmidt took his gram. “He said afterwards that he whistled at us because I criticized him after the match against Vitesse. I find that unprofessional, one hundred percent unprofessional,” he fumed afterwards in conversation with ESPN. “This is the second time I‘ve had that feeling. And I’m not happy about that.”

âš” ï¸ ð™ Žð™ ˜ð™ 𙠢𙠞𠙙 ð™ © ð™ “ð™ ¨. ð™ ‰™ žð™ ÿð™ 𙠪𙠞𙠨 Roger Schmidt claims that referee Bas Nijhuis deliberately whistled against PSV. However, according to the arbitrator, none of that is true.” I really have to laugh at it”
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) January 16, 2021

Nijhuis also appeared in front of the microphone and reacted amazingly to Schmidt‘s allegations. “You whistled him, too? Well… You can see what the trainers make of it, can’t you?” , he responded. “I have to laugh about it, because this is complete nonsense of course. Did he really say that?”
During the press conference afterwards Schmidt returned to Nijhuis. “I never have to talk to him again in my life,” it sounded.

Schmidt is finished with Nijhuis at the press conference of PSV. , “I never have to talk to him again in my life”, he says. ,, After two games I know enough. He must protect the players in such a match.” Gakpo is partly injured as a result, says Schmidt.
— Rik Elfrink (@RikElfrink) January 16, 2021