Schmidts explanation does not go into Sneijder: I think it nonsense

Roger Schmidt rests in the elimination of PSV in the Champions League. In substance, the trainer did not want to go into some controversial changes.
PSV came home no further than 0-0 against Benfica and is out of the Champions League. โ€œIt was a tricky game. After the red card, it became very intensive with lots of duels, but with no big odds. That‘s normal at this level. They defended with many players. We tried to find solutions and got some opportunities, but we need to take advantage of them,โ€ says Schmidt to RTL7.
s exchange policy caused a lot of surprise afterwards. Captain Marco van Ginkel didn‘t understand everything either. โ€œWe played well as a team in qualifying games and I make my decisions. All players did well, even now. Last week we were better than now, but sometimes you don’t always get what you deserve. That belongs to football, it‘s a result sport. Now it was to our disadvantage and we have to accept that.โ€
Perhaps PSV could have boxed more for each other with Benfica with a little more length. But, โ€œWe don’
t have long spits,โ€ says Schmidt. โ€œBut we showed that we can score. It was hard now, but we did have had great chances. Certainly one of them should have been in. Saturday we have to be ready for the Eredivisie again.โ€
RTL analyst Wesley Sneijder does not understand Schmidt‘s explanation that PSV played good preliminary rounds. โ€œThat’s nonsense to me. It‘s about this game and not the other one, isn’t it? You have to forget it soon. Schmidt said you don‘t always get what you deserve, but there was certainly more to it if they had played more clearly in the second half. He’s judged on that. You don‘t look at the past five games. You can throw them all in the trash. They’re empty-handed, it was about now. This was the final, they failed.โ€