Schöne: ‘English Third Division is still beautiful, compared to this, terrible ‘

After SC Cambuur-NEC, Lasse Schöne cherished the three points, but acknowledged afterwards that the game did not have much to do in football technical terms. The Danish routine suffered from his neck afterwards, he told ESPN with a wink afterwards.
The two PhD students seemed to be on a draw, but NEC still won 1-2 thanks to a distance bang from Javier Vet. How many minutes of real football have I seen? 2.5. It was not to be seen, I think, says Schöne. I was suffering from my neck, it was just going back and forth. It was really awful. English Third Division? That‘s still nice, compared to this.
However, the points taken in Leeuwarden are worth gold for NEC, which can still seriously dream of playoffs for European football. Fat comes in and he makes a world goal, we needed that. Because there was nothing more in it, says Schöne. It was just not good from both sides today (Sunday, ed.), but I’
m really happy about it.