Schöne is bummed: ‘Knowing where we can hurt Ajax was not this tonight’

For Lasse Schöne the match of sc Heerenveen against his old team Ajax ended in a deception. The Danish midfielder could not leave his mark and after the game ended he was very upset about the elimination in the cup tournament.

It was a special match for Schöne, who met his former teammates at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. It‘s always nice to see all these guys, he starts in front of ESPN’s camera. Look: it was just a semi-final, we wanted to make it to the final. It‘s special, because you played football there for a long time. But it doesn’t feel like that right now…
With all his Ajax experience, Schöne trainer Johnny Jansen was able to give some tips on how to play, but that didn‘t get anything. Not just me, Siem and the other boys. Of course, we know where to hurt them, but we didn’t really do that tonight, continues Schöne, who did not play well. I would have preferred to get to the ball a little more, I didn‘t touch it very often tonight. That’s my strong point too, but that didn‘t really come out.
The Dane feels good in Heerenveen and hopes to be there next summer, when Denmark goes to the European Championships. He doesn’
t know if he‘s in the picture with the national team. You’ll have to ask the federal coach. At least I‘m closer to it than I did a few months ago. That’s why I came back to play. It would be very nice.