School closure and ban on contact professions from 1 June from corona law

From 1 June, the cabinet can no longer simply decide to close schools and nurseries or ban contact professions. These measures are now still possible in the corona act, with which the cabinet can quickly introduce new corona rules, but will be deleted from them on 1 June. Thats what Minister Kuipers of Health writes to the House of Representatives.

Other rules can no longer be announced without further ado in, for example, a corona press conference. It concerns restrictions on hotels and holiday parks and maximum group sizes. Other measures had already been removed from the Corona Act, including the curfew and restrictions on public facilities, such as public toilets.

Far-reaching measures

The corona act was introduced in December 2020 as Temporary measures covid-19. Since then, the law has been extended five times, on 1 June that will happen for the sixth time. The House of Representatives must agree to that. This often happens retroactively: for example, the House of Representatives will only talk about the extension of the corona act on 1 March on Monday.

With the corona act, the cabinet has a legal basis to be able to introduce radical corona measures, without the intervention or consent of the parliament in advance. However, the House of Representatives can reverse the introduced measures within a week, if a majority disagree.


The fact that the measures about schools, nurseries and contact professions will disappear from the Corona Act on 1 June means that the cabinet can only introduce those rules if it comes with a new bill. That must first be approved by the House of Representatives and Senate. And so not, like now, only afterwards.

There are other measures in the corona act, which can still be introduced in the short term. It concerns, for example, the corona access certificate, the face mask duty and the mandatory keeping a distance of one and a half meters.

According to Kuipers, such measures are only used if the situation calls for it, and the measures are needed to combat the epidemic.