School leaders: backlog for secondary school students due to corona closure

Pupils in secondary education are lagging behind due to the coronation of schools, school leaders and educational institutions conclude in a sample from the Inspectorate of Education.

They also see the consequences of the closure in primary education. A small proportion of the pupils are less happy. Their development is also lagging behind and they suffer from motivation and concentration problems. At the end of June and the beginning of July, the inspectorate asked almost 900 schools, institutions and partnerships about the consequences of the corona crisis in education. That was shortly after the primary schools reopened.

In primary education, the least concerns are about long-term adverse consequences, while in other education sectors, according to the inspectorate, school leaders and administrators are “undiminishedly concerned” about the motivation and well-being of pupils and students and their perspectives. There are also concerns about the workload of teachers and lecturers.

However, according to a majority of the school leaders, fewer students remained in secondary education than last year. It is possible that this will have consequences for the results of students this year. The inspectorate therefore concludes that it is not wise to wait and see how pupils get through the school year, but that schools should already keep a close eye on how pupils perform.

Problems with internships

Due to the corona crisis, physical education came to a standstill in March of this year. Primary schools reopened before the summer holidays and secondary education was completely reopened after the summer holidays. According to an overwhelming majority of the school leaders surveyed by the Inspectorate, the complete restart of primary education was ‘successful’.

According to the interviewees, there are still problems with internships, which can lead to study delays. Many students in secondary and higher education had to deal with this. Internships, for example, were terminated or were not available.

At the end of September and the beginning of October, the inspectorate will carry out further research into the situation of education.