School Stories supplement for Lost Judgement came out nearly two weeks early

Lost Judgement reported that the release of the School Stories supplement, which was slated for October 26, took place yesterday, on the 13th. The reasons for this decision have not been announced, but it seems that it took the developers less time to create the new product than originally expected. The addition included a new motorcycle, parts, a new race track and a robot.

Theres also a new style for boxing and a nightclub outfit. School Stories is included in the Season Pass, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions of the game, but can be purchased separately if needed.

The new addition and expansion, by the way, will appear in the spring. The School Stories Expansion Pack DLC is out now across all platforms ahead of schedule! Including: ๏ธ New Motorcycle, parts, & race CourseNew Dance Club outfit & special MovesNew robotโ™‚๏ธ Spar with Kaito, Sugiura, and HigaShinew boxing combat style! @RGGStudio) October 13, 2021 More on Gamermania Major gaming forum Resetera sold for $4.

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