Schools already worried about winter: “Sending class home inevitable

School principals are worried about the shortage of staff, now that the school year has started all over the country. The General Association of School Leaders (AVS) reports, based on a survey of 600 school principals, that 83 percent of them are worried about this.

The school leaders, mainly directors in primary education, point out that the longstanding shortage of teachers is being exacerbated by the corona crisis. For example, teachers from the at-risk group are absent and people with mild complaints remain at home as a precaution.

“Some schools also have to miss teachers because they have to wait longer than 48 hours for a test to see if the results are available and are therefore not employable,” says AVS chairman Van Haren. She therefore agrees with the education sector’s plea to give priority to education in corona tests.

According to Van Haren, if that doesn’t happen, the approaching winter threatens major problems. “Due to the shortage of teachers, there is hardly any replacement. And especially when it gets colder and teachers have more colds, you can’t help but send classes home”

Home education

The poll shows that 87% of schools succeeded in getting all classes to come to school at full teaching time. At 14 percent, some form of home education is still provided.

Few school leaders are in favour of a mouthguard obligation, as is the case in some schools. 4 percent think this is a good idea.