Schouten confirms: animal feed measure deleted, insufficient protein in grass

According to the measure, farmers had to give their cows less protein-rich concentrates from September onwards, because this leads to less nitrogen emissions. It led to fierce protests from farmers who said that the compulsory measure was bad for animal health

“Nobody was happy with that measure”, said Bart Kemp of the farmers’ organization Agractie in Nieuws en co on NPO Radio 1. “We are happy that common sense in The Hague has now won and the measure is off the table.”

Lower protein due to drought

The Minister has had an analysis carried out by Wageningen University, which shows that cows need more protein-rich concentrates than expected during this period, because there is less protein in grass due to the drought.

Schouten explains about the drought and the protein:

“This would negate the nitrogen reduction, writes Schouten. “For this reason, I have decided to abandon the proposed temporary arrangement and not to implement it at all.”

Pig farms

The animal feed measure was one of the ways to create nitrogen space for the construction of 75,000 homes by 2020. Schouten now wants to use part of the proceeds from another scheme for this purpose: the so-called hot remediation of the pig farm.

This scheme means that pig farmers who want to quit their business can receive a subsidy. This measure is intended to prevent odour nuisance, but it also results in nitrogen reduction.

According to Kemp, the time should now be taken to arrive at solutions in a good way for the longer term. For example, according to him, in some cases something is possible with less protein for certain animal species, “but that’s really customization

It must remain feasible and affordable, he says. “It is a social desire in which space must be created for housing. Our cows are not responsible for that, but we understand the problem and we certainly want to think along with them.”