Schreuder clearly at Ajax: ‘See in him more number 8, in the role of Gravenberch’

Alfred Schreuder thought Kenneth Taylor played a better match than Daley Blind as a defensive midfielder against Fortuna Sitbard. However, the trainer of Ajax does not see Taylor as a controller.
Schreuder let Blind start in midfield against Fortuna, but that turned out unfortunate. In the second half, Taylor did better in the same position. โ€œKenneth filled it out well in the second half,โ€ says the Ajax coach at the press conference. โ€œI liked the choice for Kenneth at six better than Daley.โ€
However, Taylor does not have to count on a permanent role as a controller, says Schreuder. โ€œWith Edson, you have a little more dueling power in that place. Kenneth fills it out in a different way. I see more of a number eight in him, in the role Ryan Gravenberch had last season.โ€
Schreuder sees positives and negatives with Taylor. โ€œKenneth is a very ball-steady player. He sometimes wants to get out of position a little too much, but we emphasized that he really had to keep playing for the defense and divide the game from there. He did a good job of that.โ€