Schreuder doesnt want to deviate too much: Game principles should remain the same

Alfred Schreuder sees certain points where things clearly need to be improved in the match against Napoli, but he also wants to see the same thing about his team in certain areas. At the press conference, the trainer spoke about areas for improvement, mainly in possession and the loss of captain Dusan Tadic.
“I‘m sticking to my post-game analysis,” Schreuder says at a press conference about the first race in Amsterdam. “In possession of the ball, things just have to be better with us, so you will also be better in case of losing ball. We talked about that and we should do it better on Wednesday. If you look at the past few weeks, we are simply not stable. We want to reverse that by talking to each other a lot. You can’t expect us to be really top notch every match.”
One missing player during Wednesday‘s game is Tadic. The captain received a lot of criticism for his game in recent weeks, but is unable to compete against Napoli due to a suspension. Schreuder does think that he can cope with this loss. “You’re going to miss every basic player. Only we have more good players and we can accommodate that. I don‘t care much about what’s being said in the press.”
How Schreuder wants to approach the competition is clear. His team must have the same attitude and then many things can happen. “In terms of attitude, we want to approach this competition in the same way as the heduel. The game principles must remain the same. We want to dominate and show that we can also win against Napoli. The moment we win tomorrow, we are in a much better position in our group. It is always difficult to overwinter at this level.”