Schreuder: ‘If I had found it necessary to switch, I would have done’

Alfred Schreuder acknowledges that the 1-6 defeat against Napoli is unworthy of Ajax. However, the trainer parries the criticism of his exchange policy.
The choice to switch only after 72 minutes was astonished, but Schreuder disagrees. If I had found that necessary, I would have done that. That‘s up to me, he says in front of the RTL7 camera. We were still starting okay. We were 1-0, but you saw that they were dangerous. The only thing I said before the game was that we had to be really brave at the ball. We weren’t and you‘ll be in trouble against Napoli.
According to Schreuder, the third Neapolitan hit was the breaking point. The 1-3 just before the break was a mental blow. At 1-1 we were given another opportunity and at 1-2 we also got a good chance of 2-2, which does not mean that Napoli was better, but I also found the 1-3 before the break a cheap goal. The 1-4 right after the break was a bit characteristic of the evening, that you run into it like that.
In the end, Schreuder finds the 1-6 somewhat flattering. That seems true, but I did think Napoli was really much better. They had a really good day and we had a really bad day. The class difference was too big.
Ajax loses points for the fourth game in a row after Liverpool, AZ and Go Ahead Eagles. When you look at Napoli and Liverpool, you see that it’
s just a size too big for us, but that doesn‘t apply to the other two, says Schreuder. Liverpool and Napoli do make a big difference. We have a lot of good players, but as a team, we are not good enough at the moment. I can tell you everything that was sold, but that’s not the point right now.
You have to have guts at the ball and show the technical skills. We lost balls that we didn‘t have to lose. That’s a shame, continues Schreuder, who sees that wintering in the Champions League is becoming increasingly difficult. We‘re going to have to win there next week. We have to tap into a completely different keg, because this is not Ajax-worthy. This is unacceptable.
Nevertheless, Schreuder denies that the unrest is now increasing. I’
m not going to work hectically or anything. I get that you want to hear statements, but I won‘t let them fool me. We need to analyze what’s best for Ajax.