Schreuder in discussion with Verweij: ‘Are you happy that Ajax is setting the bar so low? ‘

After Napoli-Ajax, journalist Mike Verweij and trainer Alfred Schreuder got involved in a discussion together. The former thinks that Ajax and Schreuder have set very low goals for themselves this season, but the Ajax trainer does not agree with that.
Because Ajax lost to Napoli again on Wednesday, Champions League wintering is far away. Verweij had the feeling that Napoli could score six more times if they gave more gas, but Schreuder disagrees. After that, the journalist from De Cceit talks about the Ajax tagrets. You are still in the race for all the goals that have been set: spend the winter in Europe, which is also possible in the Europa League, and become champion. Are you happy that you are setting the bar so low?
Schreuder disagrees. Having set that bar so low… Do you think this is low? Verweij counters: Sure, if you spend the winter so easily in the Champions League last year… Schreuder: But did we forget what happened last summer?
Verweij then cites an old statement by Schreuder, who was satisfied with his current selection at the time. The Ajax coach does not immediately respond to this. Of course, but we also mentioned those goals. We stand by that. We still want to spend the winter in Europe and become champions.