‘Schreuder is a stuffed bear, Slot would never have accepted this from Tadic’

Ajax trainer Alfred Schreuder should have intervened when Dusan Tadic was coaching pressure in the Eredivisie game with FC Volendam after his switch. That‘s what Sjoerd Mossou and Aad de Mos think, who thinks Arne Slot would not have let this happen.
Tadic went to the side after more than an hour on Saturday, after which he coached his teammates with a lot of gestures. The scene was quite astonished. โ€œIt was really awkward, a bit of overacting on Tadic’
s part. You just saw the discomfort between the trainer and captain,โ€ Mossou responds in Panenka. โ€œI don‘t think it was an attack on the trainer’s status. In fact, Schreuder should have just walked up to him and said: friend, just sit down.โ€
De Mos joins that. The former trainer of Ajax, among others, had never accepted Tadic‘s behavior himself. โ€œI would throw a lasso around Tadic’s neck and get it back.โ€ According to the analyst, the fact that Schreuder did not do that says a lot about the practitioner. โ€œHe‘s a very honest, gentle, open boy, who really has a lot of views on the game. He is a kind of stuffed bear, but another trainer would have weighed it more heavily. If this had happened at Arne Slot or Josรฉ Mourinho, it would never have been accepted. This fits types like Alfred Schreuder or Pascal Jansen.โ€
Schreuder already said after the game that he had no problem with Tadic’
s behavior along the line. Ajax crossed the line in Volendam with a lot of pain and effort.