Schreuder is happy with Ajax and bites off: ‘Is actually very childish’

Despite the new defeat against Napoli, Alfred Schreuder is happy with what he saw from his team. The coach saw an Ajax that now continued to fight for and with each other. Schreuder also receives a question about the criticism he has to endure, but he is not happy about that.
Ajax came to the shortest end against Napoli in a tumultuous match: a week after the 1-6, it became 4-2 in Italy. Schreuder links the new defeat to Napoli‘s strength. โ€œThe opponent is just really good, you can see that in everything,โ€ he says in front of RTL’s camera. โ€œThe pace, the speed at which they play… After that, we needed two or three chances to make the 1-1, but we couldn‘t. That’s a shame, but you see small things being punished at this level.โ€
โ€œThis was a completely different race than it was a week ago,โ€ Schreuder continues. โ€œA team now remained on the field that did things together. They kept going until the last minute. We really tried to get a result here. Unfortunately, they were more efficient. Do I still believe in overwintering? That is always going to be difficult, but we also have to wait and see what happens tonight. We have to show this. Then I am very confident that we will continue to see a better Ajax.โ€
In recent weeks, Schreuder has received a lot of criticism for his choice at Ajax. That was no different during and after the away game at Napoli. Does that affect the Ajax trainer? โ€œOf course not. I watch the players on the field, what they do. They fight as a team, I think the question is actually very childishโ€, Schreuder is sharp. โ€œBut that‘s your job, that’s good.โ€