Schreuder puts Berghuis on Ajax bench: ‘Indicated what my consideration was’

Steven Berghuis was the child of the bill against FC Groningen. Ajax trainer Alfred Schreuder understands the disappointment, but at the same time praises him for his reaction.
Under Erik ten Hag, Berghuis was an undisputed base player, but under Schreuder that is not so certain. Against Groningen, he started on the bench. He was not satisfied with that, that seems clear to me, says Schreuder at the press conference, recorded by Voetbal International. I indicated what my consideration was. It stays between him and me. He accepted and responded well today.
Berghuis still fell in and even used a penalty kick, with which he set the final score at 6-1. He came into it energetically and had good running action. In the penalty, he took responsibility. Good to see that. We have a lot of good players, I get that everyone wants to play. Its about communicating well with each other. We play so many matches and need everyone. We all have the same goal: to become champions.