Schreuder puts on the brakes: “We should not go along with what everyone says”

Ajax trainer Alfred Schreuder does not want to join the sentiment that Liverpool is tipsy wild. He acknowledges that his team has to be top notch to have a chance at Anfield at all.
We should not go along with what everyone says, but focus on the game, Schreuder tells RTL7. We have a chance, but we have to remember that Liverpool is just a top team. To win you have to have a lot of guts and daring, in the end it will be about details. Ajax has proven a lot in the past that it can be done, so that gives a certain confidence. The players have shown this before, I hope it works out now. This is a good test for us, absolutely. We showed something good last week, but thats of a different caliber.
Wesley Sneijder warns Ajax. Tonight we know where Ajax stands. I expect a completely different Liverpool. Klopp knows this team and the players know that of Ajax. They know how Ajax plays. Liverpool will have to tap out of a different keg.